State Bar of Wisconsin Supports Public Education and Service Programs

State Bar of Wisconsin pic
State Bar of Wisconsin pic
State Bar of Wisconsin

With an expertise in criminal law, family law, and bankruptcy law, attorney Christopher Carson oversees Carson Law Office in New Berlin, Wisconsin. As an involved attorney, Christopher Carson maintains membership in the State Bar of Wisconsin.

In addition to offering a variety of educational and professional development programs for its members, the State Bar of Wisconsin operates the Wisconsin Law Foundation, which provides financial support for law-related education and public service activities. In the last two decades, the foundation has provided nearly $300,000 in grants for programs benefiting youth and adults throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Over the years, Wisconsin Law Foundation grants have supported initiatives to increase access to justice, help families affected by domestic abuse, and provide legal resources for incarcerated parents and other groups. Additionally, the foundation has sponsored a number of public education programs for Wisconsin students and teachers.

As a nonprofit group, the Wisconsin Law Foundation depends on donations from State Bar of Wisconsin members and other individuals. To learn more about or to support the work of the foundation, visit